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A custom Horse Bow made with: Bamboo Back, Oak Belly and Jawbone Sihas. This Horse Bow is custom built to your own requirements by Calvin Hume of Cal's Primitive Archery. Have a bow crafted to whatever draw length and poundage you desire.


The Horsebow design is very light making it ideal for Horseback archery. This style of bow is built with a traditional look so it can also be used for reenactment.

Cal's Horse Bow with Jawbone Sihas

  • Each bow has a high gloss finish.  This Horse Bow comes with either a leather stitched or braided handle. The wood has been chosen specifically by Calvin Hume to ensure a fast durable shooting bow at an affordable cost.

    This is for a custom Horse bow made with a Bamboo back Oak belly and Jawbone Sihas. 


    This bow has a 40 Pound and a 27" Draw 


    Bow woods may change at the bowyers discretion to a superior wood.

    8-10 week delivery time.